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We have received another great review from the lovely Mummy Blogger My Mummy Likes and on top of that we are offering her followers 25% off our Dribble Stop Tops with the code DRIBBLE25 – which can only be a good thing with all this cold weather about.

Please have a read of what she says below and click over to her blog to say Hello!

I was recently  sent a pack of these award winning Dribble Stop Tops and I have to tell you there are an amazing idea.The 4 year old would never wear a dribble bib when she was a baby, and especially not when she was teething and grumpy. She hated them and would get so aggravated trying to pull them off. She actually got her first teeth when she was just 3 months old which also meant I didn’t want her lying around with a plastic bib round her neck either.

Dribble stop tops are a perfect solution to this and I really wish I knew about them before.

They have a discreet breathable but waterproof pocket hidden inside the top which completely covers the dribble zone, keeping your baby’s chest dry underneath.


The baby can wear them alone, or as a vest under their clothes or on top of a long sleeved vest if it’s cold. They are made from 100% cotton, can be tumble dried and surely will make the baby feel more comfortable on the days when teething really gets them down.

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Available in either Blue & white, white, or pink & white.



They come in a pack of 2 for just 13.99 which is brilliant value for money in my opinion, plus the lovely ladies at Dribble stop tops are offering 25% off your order by entering the code DRIBBLE25 at the checkout! Happy shopping.



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