What is Dribble Rash?

shop now buttonMost Babies will Dribble at some point in their first couple of years, whether this is down to teething, dummy or thumb sucking or just being a little dribbler.  It is entirely normal and to be expected.  But dribbling can  often lead to sore skin and dribble rash, which can be painful and distressing for babies and  very upsetting for parents.


Sore and inflamed skin caused by dribble

Sore and inflamed skin caused by dribble

There are lots of creams and ointments on the market that claim to help clear up the symptoms of dribble rash, but by this time baby is already sore and aggravated.

As 2 mums who had dribbly babies ourselves, we wanted to create a product that would help prevent dribble rash, rather than curing the symptoms of it. Something to help keep baby’s chest dry and healthy all day, without the safety issues that wearing a bib can bring. Something discreet, tug proof and most importantly safe – even at sleep times. A product that would protect the delicate skin on baby’s chest from dribble rash soreness and infection.

Which is why we invented the Dribble Stop Top.



Looks & feels like a normal vest

The Dribble Stop Top looks and feels like a normal baby vest, but a pocket made of specialised waterproof material, with skin-like breathability, is hidden inside. This pocket completely covers the Dribble Zone (chest area) and acts as a barrier to stop dribble soaking through to baby’s skin. It also has an extra high neck line to ensure maximum coverage and protection.




dribbly-babyWhy does Dribble Rash Happen?

Dribble Rash is a form of contact dermatitis. It happens because saliva is alkaline, which irritates skin. It also contains traces of digestive enzymes which can create further irritation.

To avoid dribble rash it is vital to keep your baby’s skin as dry as possible. This means continually changing baby’s clothes as soon as they become damp. But this is not only a real inconvenience for parents but can also be very upsetting for little ones, who generally, don’t like being changed. But by replacing your baby’s regular vest with a Dribble Stop Top you can avoid this constant clothes changing as, although baby’s clothes will still look wet, (sorry we can not stop them dribbling) their chest will remain dry and healthy throughout the day.

Up until now, the only form of prevention has been to use dribble bibs, but all too often dribble would quickly soak through the bibs and then saturate the clothes underneath resulting in a red and raw chest which can be made worse by the damp clothes rubbing against the delicate skin.

dribbly baby

We did our homework!

We spoke to over 300 mums, dads and carers in local clinics, Surestart centres and nurseries about their dribble dramas. Most people said that they used bibs to try to keep their little ones dry and yet 67% said that their babies had still suffered from Dribble rash!

We also sought the opinions of professionals who work with babies. They said…

Great idea! Babies will feel more comfortable, prevent rashes and constant changing of tops and vest’s – Health Visitor

This is a wonderful innovative idea that saves time, money on prescription medication and reduces the load in babies changing bags – Student Nurse


A friend of mine bought the dribble stop top for us and I have to say it is really good. No sore chest from all the dribble Alex is producing with his teeth coming through – Zoe, Mum to Alex

I was so happy when Jake was completely dry. His chest was warm instead of the usual cold and sticky. I didn’t need to change Jake’s vest at all so it gave me a day off from washing. – Michelle, Mum to Jake

I could not have asked for more from the product, the perfect balance of absorbency with comfort and softness. – BizzieBaby

Max wore the Dribble Stop Top all day and didn’t need a vest change one. This is a revelation and in all honestly, I don’t think this has ever happened before. – Kate, Mum to Max

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