A Midwife’s Labour Bag Essentials.

What to pack in your Labour Bag?

What do you need in your labour bag?

What do you need in your labour bag?

It’s been a long nine months, your labour pains have started and you are all set to meet your beautiful baby.  No doubt you have packed your labour bag ready for giving birth, checking and rechecking that you have everything you need  – first outfit for baby, camera, music, tens machine, maternity pads, water and snacks for you etc.  I expect you have asked your friends what they needed during their labour, or maybe even read up in the many pregnancy magazines on sale.  But have you asked the real experts?  The ones who are there for you during your labour, the people who are in the labour ward every day as part of their job… the midwife?

Ask the Midwife…

We asked one midwife what her essentials would be when packing your labour bag and here are her 5 surprising tips:

Ask the midwife.


  1. Big knickers!! Make sure you pack some cheap, full briefs with the possibility that you may throw them away soon after. I recommend going two sizes bigger than usual in order to sit around your umbi area (belly button). By doing this, you are covering all birth outcomes. The last thing anyone wants, if they end up with a caesarean, is a knicker bands rubbing their wound area. Comfort, not fashion 😀


  1. Your own pillow!! Although the hospital supply pillows, during the postnatal stage it is lovely for women to have a home comfort. I walked into a postnatal room not so long ago and a women had her own pillow and throw. It really felt like a home!! If you feel comfortable and relaxed, chances are that you will have a much more positive experience 😀


  1. A spare blanket to introduce to your baby to your pets before they go home. There is a high chance your baby will be wrapped up in a hospital blanket shortly after birth. Unfortunately, those blankets do belong to the hospital and you cannot keep them. By using your own blanket, your partner can take the smell of the new family member home before the official homecoming 😀


  1. For your partner – Board shorts and a pair of thongs (flip flops). They will get wet!! Water is a great method of pain relief during labour. Whether it be a bath or a shower, you can be in there for a while. We like your partner to get involved and we will hand the shower head to them first. It doesn’t bother us if your partner takes off their bottoms, but it may be more dignifying for them if they have something else to put on. It’s important to have your support happy too 😀


  1. Shrapnel!! Your support partner will need change for the car park and vending machines. When they hit that wall, they will want the sugar they see in the vending machine!! Always 😀Meeting your newborn








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