The Mamma Fairy tries our tops on her Drool Monster – magic or gnome good?

Ok,  I apologise now for the title, but I just couldn’t help myself. *chuckling to myself*

The Mamma Fairy is a lovely Irish Blogger who blogs about her life with her two little boys.  From what she says, it sounds like her smallest son is a real dribble machine, so he was the ideal candidate to try out our dribble stop tops 🙂


Here’s what she had to say:


My littlest man has affectionately become know as “the drool monster” he has an amazing skill whereby he can soak a bib, his clothes down to his vest in seconds! My oldest man barely drooled so this is new territory for us.

I was kindly sent a packet of Dribble Stop Tops to review and I was pretty delighted to receive them and try them out on the little man.

photo 1

The details

These tops are identical to regular baby vests except they have a unique waterproof pocket on the chest area to protect the baby’s skin from the drool.

photo 2

Its so discreet you would barely know its there. The vests themselves are made from soft jersey cotton and are machine and tumble dry safe (very important in my view!).

I haven’t completely binned the bibs I still do use them at feeding time to capture those weaning spills!!

My thoughts

I genuinely adore these tops.  We travel a lot and I have such a fear of bibs on in the car seat but hate the thought of my little man being soaked through with drool so this is the perfect solution for us. They are also ideal for night time as my drool monster would have in the past woke up soaked, which is not good. I noticed he was starting to get a bit of  a rash in the crease on his neck but this hasn’t happened since we switched to these vest

An item like this in my view has to be able to withstand the washing and drying.  My dribble stop tops have been washed countless times since I received them back in August and they are still super soft and the waterproof insert is still perfect.

They come in packs of two, a plain white and a striped one (either blue or pink). Size wise they go from 0-3 months right up to 18-24 months. At Stg£13.99 they are pricier than regular vests but I do think the price is justified as for us, it saved on washing both vests and bibs.  Both of which we would have changed countless times a day and not only that they have stopped the redness that had been forming in  the crease of his neck.

I can honestly say – The Mamma Fairy Blog is a lovely site and well worth a visit – so grab yourself a cuppa and go over for a read at

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