Love of A Captain’s Teething Dribbler tests Dribble Stop Tops

Teething Captain Jack puts Dribble Stop Tops to the test

We recently sent a pack of our multi award winning Dribble Stop Tops to the fantastic blogger ‘The Love of a Captain’ to review on her own little teething dribbler Jack.  Lisa is proud Mummy to Captain Jack and Baby Hudson and writes a brilliant blog documenting her mummy adventures. Here is what she had to say:



Jack seems to have been teething constantly since he was 6months old, that combined with the use of a dummy, it is fair to say we have been through plenty of bibs, muslins and washing powder thanks to the endless dribble.  I had not heard of the Dribble Stop Tops prior to being invited to try them but I sure wish I had.

The multi-award winning Dribble Stop Top is just like a baby vest but the chest area has a hidden pocket made of a specialised waterproof and breathable material.  It acts as a barrier to stop dribble from soaking through to your little one’s delicate skin.  The vest also has a extra high neckline which ensures maximum coverage.


The tops are made of a high quality thick and super soft cotton.  They have now been washed and worn numerous times and haven’t shrunk or altered shape at all.  They are certainly made to last.

I would say that Jack is a little bigger than your average 18month old boy so I was a bit worried that the largest top size available (18-24mths) might have been snug but thankfully, they fit perfectly and he still has plenty of space in them.

Teething Jack in his Dribble Stop Top

Teething Jack in his Dribble Stop Top

I love that Jack can wear the tops to bed, unlike a bib and that I don’t have to constantly change his clothes through the day as his chest and clothing stay nice and dry.  I also like that the branding / logo is kept to a minimum on the short sleeve.

The tops are available in packs of two at £13.99 which I thought was a bit steep at first but having tried them and seeing the benefits for myself, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending them to friends.  Without a doubt, I shall be buying a set for Hudson just as soon as he starts teething.

White Dribble Stop Top

White Dribble Stop Top

There are 3 different colour options available; 2 white, 1 white & 1 pink stripe or 1 white & 1 blue stripe.  I opted for the white pack so that Jack could wear them under and with anything.  I would love to see other pastel colours available eventually or maybe even a 2pk of black/navy for when children are in darker wear.

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