Family Fever’s dribbler tests Dribble Stop Tops – from the archives

 Review By Family Fever

Max is a huge dribbler

There isn’t a day goes by that doesn’t necessitate a change of clothes by lunchtime – not because he is a messy eater (although he is that too) but purely because he dribbles so much it soaks through. Even with a bib on he is usually wet – and this results in dribble rash. Because he never stays dry, the dribble rash never really clears – it’s one of those vicious circle situations.
So when I heard about the new Dribblestop Top I got totally overexcited at the prospect of a vest that could keep my mega dribbler dry.

Max is a real dribbler

Max is a real dribbler

… Max loves to hold his own cup – which is great, but messy. Add the juice to the dribble and you usually end up with a very very wet baby. I am pleased to report that with the Dribblestop Top on, although Max’s legs, feet, hands and my sofa were all soaking wet, the skin underneath his vest was dry. Max wore the Dribblestop Top all day – and didn’t need a vest change once. This is a revelation and in all honesty, I don’t think this has ever happened before.   For any mum or dad who has a dribbly baby, a reflux baby or a teething baby, I would not hesitate to recommend the Dribblestop Top, and I for one will be buying heaps more of these little beauties!   Please click the link to read the whole review