Mummy comments are the ‘BEST’ :D

Mummy Comments

To get comments and thank you’s from a mummy who has discovered our Dribble Stop Tops and to hear that they have helped with the dribble dramas they are experiencing with their own little ones is the ‘BEST’.  It makes all the hard work behind the scenes of Dribble Stop Top worthwhile and reminds us what our objective was in the first place – to create a simple, easy to use product that keeps baby’s chest dry and free from dribble and also helps to make the life of a busy mummy just that little bit easier.

So we were really happy the other day when we received a lovely email out of the blue from Lucy.  She said …

“Dribble stop tops, are incredibly useful during the teething stage. As you can see Eddie loves his. They are good quality and the little pouch is very soft on their skin. Will recommend these to friends” – Thanks Lucy and looking GORGEOUS Eddie 

Here’s a photo of Eddie chilling in his Dribble Stop Top

Little Eddie looking cool in his Dribble Stop Top

Little Eddie looking cool in his Dribble Stop Top


We have added Lucy’s email to our ‘Comments from Mums’ page, which is full of real mummy reviews and comments.   Click below to read more mummy comments and reviews …


Comments from Mums


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