How to Survive Troublesome Teething!

Teething baby

Teething Woes!

Teething! it can’t be avoided and it can be a really horrible time for both babies and parents. Sore gums, high temperature, extra dribbly, irritable, not sleeping and not eating – arghhh, it’s enough to drive even the most saintly mum over the edge!

Watching your baby go through the throes of teething can be really upsetting as we can’t take away the pain completely – those darn teeth are coming through whether we like it or not. And for me, one of the worst things about the teething phase is that it’s not really a phase! Teething can start from as early as 4-5 months old and carries on until nearly 3 years old – just as one tooth has come through the next decides to make an appearance. Baby Teeth Order

So we decided to put together some of our top tips and share with you some of the best products out there to help you both at least ‘survive’ teething and make it as painless as possible for your little one!

Teething Toys

baby chewing on Teething Toy


Chew Chew Chew, that’s all that teething babies seem to want to do, whether it be their fist, the edge of a table or anything else they can fit into their mouths. Chewing seems to give their sore red gums a little relief from the pain and maybe also takes their mind off the discomfort for a little while.




Gertie the Good Goose

Gertie the Good Goose

There are some great teethers out there but one of the cutest has to be Gertie the Good Goose. When I clapped eyes on Gertie it was love at first sight – isn’t she just adorable? And the brilliant reviews that she has received are a testament to the fact that she works. Brand new to the UK, Gertie the Good Goose is designed to fit perfectly into babies’ hands! It’s beak, tail feathers and feet are perfect for pain relieving from teething. Lightweight and easy for baby to handle, Gertie is BPZ, PVC and Phthlalte free – and set to take the UK by storm – oh and she smells great too! Go over to Gertie’s Facebook page to say Hello!



Freezable Teething Toys

There are also a number of teethers out there which can be put into the fridge or freezer – these are fab as not only does your little one get the relief of chewing something hard, but the coldness also helps numb the gums. I found it was a great idea to keep a tub FULL of teething rings in my fridge at all times so I always had something cold for my boys to chew on when the teething tears started.


Teething Jewellry

Teething Necklace by Num Num

Teething Necklace by Num Num

Teething jewellery is a relatively new idea and certainly wasn’t around when my kids were babies. But it really is a brilliant concept – I can’t begin to remember the number of teethers, toys, dummies etc that my boys managed to lose, drop, throw and make magically disappear – but these awesome teething beads are securely hung around YOUR neck, so you know exactly where they are when you need them. Plus you get the added bonus of people thinking you are a real cool hip mum and have time to accessorize your outfit every day– bonus!

There are lots of brands out there, but some of the best designs we have found are from Num Num Teething Jewellery.

Great designs from Num Num Teething Jewellry

Great designs from Num Num Teething Jewellry

Num Num Teething Jewellery is beautiful, chewable jewellery for mums to wear and babies to tug, touch and teethe on. They are the perfect accessory to throw on to brighten up an outfit and great for babies to chew when teething or play with when breastfeeding or being carried.  Num Num necklaces are designed by a mum and hand-made in the UK and are both stylish and practical.  Made from food-grade silicone (the same material as a pacifier), their necklaces and bracelets can be washed and sterilised. Find Num Nums at and


Frozen Food

If, like us, you are up for anything that helps make your life a little easier, try freezing some fruit (bananas are great for this) and giving them to your baby to chew on in one of those fab little feeding nets – snack time and pain relief sorted in one hit 😀 Nuby Baby Feeding Net


There are loads of different ones on the market now, but this one is by Nuby and at only £3.99 is a bargain!



Teething gels

For babies over four months old, you can rub sugar-free teething gel on their gums. Teething gels usually contain a very mild local anaesthetic and antiseptic. The anaestheic will have a numbing effect on the gums, but to be honest, the gels are all too often washed away by the extra dribble and drool which is being produced due to the teething.

If you do decide to use a teething gel make sure you follow the instructions carefully and don’t be tempted to apply more in the hope of easing your little one’s pain. Also, make sure the teething gel you are using is specificially for babies and not just a general oral pain relief gel. If in any doubt it is always best to speak to the pharmacist before using any gels on your baby.


Amber necklaces

cognac-baroqueI never used these with any of my 4 four boys as I was always a little wary of putting anything around their necks – but lots of people swear by these little amber necklaces and I must admit they look very cool and hippy on little ones. The theory is that a tiny amount of oil is released on to your baby’s skin when they are worn. This oil is thought to ease discomfort. Just be sure not to leave your little one alone when they are wearing one of these necklaces.


Dribble stop tops

Starley staying dry in her Dribble Stop Top And of course, hand in hand with teething comes buckets and buckets full of extra dribble and drool – which can then leads to cold wet clothes which can rub and chaff baby’s delicate skin and lead to ghastly dribble rash (to add to the already sore teething rash).

Bibs are fine – but lots of them are soaked through within an hour or so by teething drool monsters, or the irritable little monkeys don’t want anything tied around their necks and tug at them until they come off!

That’s where Dribble Stop Tops come in! Simply replace your baby’s usual vest with one of our ingenious tops and not only will you help prevent dribble rash and soreness but you will also reduce the need to constantly change your dribbly teether into dry clothes.

The Dribble zone (otherwise known as the chest area) has a very clever internal pocket made of breathable waterproof material to stop the cold and wet reaching your baby’s soft skin and the extra high neckline ensures maximum coverage is achieved. And as the only material in contact with baby’s skin is the cotton jersey, your little one will stay comfortable, cosy and dry for much longer and you will have a much smaller wash load at the end of the week – it’s a winner all round.



Finally ALCOHOL.  Years ago it used to be suggested that rubbing Brandy on baby’s sore gums can help soothe and relieve teething pain.  Whilst we obviously do not suggest you do this, we are not adverse to the calming soothing effects a nice glass of wine can have on you during the troublesome teething phase! Good Luck!




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