Hooray for Alder Hey!

Alder Hey Children’s hospital in Liverpool is totally amazing!



Handing over some of the Dribble Stop Tops we donated


On Friday we were lucky enough to visit Alder Hey Children’s hospital to look around and also to donate some Dribble Stop Tops for their patients. It is honestly like no other hospital either of us have ever visited before. It was bright, clean, modern and it didn’t feel like a hospital. The new hospital is a fun, safe environment, which is a joy to be in. It seems every aspect of the children’s welfare has been thought about – with ample play spaces, interactive activities and every bed overlooks a green area outside. The other thing we were really impressed with was that, unlike so many other hospitals, the food is prepared on site, even using herbs that are grown in the hospital gardens in the preparation of the children’s meals. Alder Hey in the Park is a truly world-class, patient-friendly hospital – making a crucial difference to the 270,000 patients and families who visit it every year.

We were shown around by a lovely lady called Sarah, who not only took the time to talk to us about our Dribble Stop Tops and how they could be such a benefit to some of the patients, she also showed us around the hospital and explained the marvelous work that is carried out there.

Whilst walking around the hospital we noticed quite a few children who could benefit from our tops  – many of the children are attached to drips and tubes, which means that changing their clothes must be a real ordeal – both for the child and the carers. But by putting them in a Dribble Stop Top parents and nurses know that their delicate little chests will stay dry all day, with no need to constantly change wet soggy vests.  It was a wonderful feeling knowing that we have helped give some parents one less thing to worry about whilst their child is in hospital – and to give something back to the community.

We came away from our visit feeling totally overwhelmed by the love that is so evident at Alder Hey Children’s hospital and want to help in any way that we can. Watch this space!FullSizeRender


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