Dribble Stop Tops are BizzieBaby winners again

BizzieBaby Silver Award for Dribble Stop Tops

BizzieBaby Silver Award

Our Latest BizzieBaby Silver Award

For the fourth year in a row Dribble Stop Tops have won the prestigious BizzieBaby Silver Award.  These awards are fantastic as the tops are tested by real mums and babies over a period of time and the award is based on their experience.  Their opinions are totally unbiased so you know it really counts.  Here’s what the BizzieBaby Testers had to say about our Dribble Stop Tops this year.


BizzieBaby Testers

Jillian Sweetman and her daughter Isla (6months) were one of the reviewers, Jill awarded our tops 5/5 and said

This is lovely and soft, looked so cosy on and certainly very practical. Superb quality. The size and fit were ideal and certainly delivered good coverage and protected her skin. The absorbency of this material is fantastic. Kept her skin lovely and dry which was brilliant.

“I have already recommended as it does the job so well and looks cute. These are a great idea, lovely top, keep baby dry and comfy for baby to wear. A winner in our household”.


Zara, mum to Claire (7 months) said

I loved the fact this top had a waterproof pocket inside which stopped all my daughters dribble going through onto her skin and causing a rash. This is so practical and ideal for day and night use.

“I have already been recommending these to friends and family they are brilliant way to catch all that dribble. Easy to care for, easy to put on, look comfy and work well.”


Christy, Mum to Oscar (9 months) said

“It left my son’s skin lovely and dry underneath the top.”


After announcing our award, BizzieBaby tweeted

“Always a winner due to style, quality and effectiveness”


If you would like to see the full reviews, please pop over to the brilliant BizzieBaby website and have a read.



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