Dribble Rash – What is it and how to prevent it.


Dribble Rash – Treatment & Prevention


With the cold months now here it is more important than ever to keep our little ones delicate skin dry and protected.


Dribble Rash can be very sore and upsetting

Dribble Rash can be very sore and upsetting

Dribble and drool rash is a common side effect of teething, but many babies drool even when they aren’t getting new teeth.


The constant presence of saliva on your baby’s chin, neck and chest can turn into a sore, red irritation known as Dribble Rash.




How Can I Treat My Baby’s Dribble Rash?


There are ways to make your baby more comfortable with dribble rash.


  • Twice daily gently wash affected areas with warm water, then pat dry. DON’T RUB! This can be irritating to already sensitive skin. Be sure your baby’s skin is completely dry.
  • Apply a thin coat of a healing ointment or petroleum jelly to baby’s irritated skin.
  • Avoid potential irritants such as biological washing powder and consider washing your own clothes in more gentle detergents too. Avoid perfumes and scented lotions which can be aggravating to your baby’s rash.



How Can I Prevent Dribble Rash?


To help prevent rashes caused by dribble and drool on baby’s chin and neck, have a soft cloth on hand at all times so you can gently wipe away any dribble. Keeping your baby’s skin clean and dry is the most effective remedy against dribble rash. Use gentle pressure in a dabbing motion to avoid irritating your baby’s skin.




If your baby dribbles enough to dampen his or her shirt, try using a Dribble Stop Top. Its hidden protection stops wet material from rubbing against your baby’s skin, which can lead to uncomfortable chaffing and dribble rash!





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