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As mums, we know how important it is to find out what other people think of products before you commit to buying them – especially a product like ours, which is a completely new concept in the fight against dribble and dribble rash. So here are some comments from people who have already tried our Dribble Stop Tops…



‘The vests are really handy for the more dribblesome teething days and all those times you forget a bib’ said Mum to Florence.


review 1Frankie’s Mum said ‘Made with high quality jersey material, it collected Frankie’s dribbles straight away, leaving his chest dry, clean, it left him feeling comfortable. He was also less irritated with my constant need to change his outfits. It washed great, lessoned my washing load and is tumble dryer safe’.

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Albie’s Mummy said ‘The vest seemed to work brilliantly. He was very content all day and, as we spent most of it outside in the fresh (rather cold!) air with no complaints from him of a soggy chest, I think that says a lot for the product. They are a brilliant idea’.


“I could leave baby unattended to play without the risk of having a bib on”
Sarah Mount Mum to Samuel 8 months



Alex’s Mum said ‘ Thanks for making such a great product. A friend of mine bought the dribble stop top for us and I have to say it is really good. No sore chest from all the dribble Alex is producing with his teeth coming through’

“Loved the simplicity of it & the fact it’s so discreet!”
Tracey, Mum to Dexter



‘Love them, best thing ever!’ said Amber’s mum



‘For any mum or dad who has a dribbly baby, a reflux baby or a teething baby, I would not hesitate to recommend the Dribble Stop Top, and I for one will be buying heaps more of these little beauties!’ said Max’s Mum

“Great idea to combat a common problem”
Neil, Dad to Jackson



Liliana’s Mum said ‘ Wearing this Dribble Stop Top means I don’t need to change her all the time’



“I think the product is a must for any parent with a baby or small child”
Mrs Rouse Mum to Kaitlyn (6 months)

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‘I would definitely recommend the Dribble Stop Top, particularly for any babies with sensitive skin. Whilst there’s nothing we can do to stop the dribble coming out in the first place, the Dribble Stop Top really does protect and keep babies skin dry’ says Erin’s Mum



Mummy Zoe says ‘It is such a great product’





Sebastian’s Mummy said ‘ Sebastian was starting to get dry skin in the dribble zone, but thanks to this Dribble Stop Top this has now gone. We are that impressed with it that I have already ordered more!’


“Extremely helpful in keeping chest dry”said Kate Mum to Sam




Oliver’s mum said, ‘We’ve been using the top and I think it’s fantastic. It’s very reassuring to know I don’t have to change his dribble bib constantly as he’s protected by his top. I like the fact it has poppers on both shoulders too, makes it much easier to put on. I’d definitely recommend the Dribble Stop Top to others.



Our Tops have scooped the BizzieBaby Silver Award. Here are a few comments from their reviewers:bb-awards-logo-silver-2014


Zoe, Mum to Charlie said ‘ These are very soft and absorbent. These tops definitely left my son dry. Fantastic product does the job it is meant to do and very easy to use’

Victoria, Mum to Brax said ‘ They are easy to wash and dry and they have kept their shape nicely. My son’s skin stayed perfectly dry. These really are a very unique product. Great value for money and worth paying for’

Lynsey, mum to Ava-Mae said ‘ I was shocked at how much it absorbed with out the wetness irritation on my little girl’s skin. For once there was no rash around the chest area and meant she didn’t need her tops to be changed as often as usual. My little girl was dry for the whole period of time she wore the top’

We were sent this video from a ‘Mummy Blogger’ who tried our Dribble Stop Tops.


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