Bizziebaby awards Dribble Stop Tops Silver again.

We are really chuffed to have scooped the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2016!

Once again the compliments for our tops came in thick and fast from the 3 BizzieBaby Testers, with one of them giving our tops 5/5 saying

 I would recommend these to other mums as they are fantastic tops and better than bibs. Product definitely meets my expectations. These are excellent.

So here is our newest award to add to our awards bar – we are proud as punch of this one, especially as it is tested by ‘real’ mums.  Thank you Bizziebaby.



Here’s their reviews, happy reading 😀

Product Tested ByEwelina Pieszak – Antonia 11 Months

Ewelina Awarded The Dribble Stop Tops 5/5

Very good quality, soft textiles. The size of top was exactly the same as my baby clothes. Top fits perfectly.The quality of product is very good and practical. All parts of top fits perfectly to the size of my daughter. The best absorbency I’ve ever seen. We don’t need other bibs anymore as these are brilliant. The top leaves skin dry all the time. Top keeps wetness away from baby’s skin. 2 tops in pack is enough quantity. If somebody needs more tops, can buy more packs. The top is really easy to launder. I am doing washing very often but top still looks like new. The top definitely offer value for money. I love this top. I will be buying more packs for my sister. I would recommend these to other mums as they are fantastic tops and better than bibs. Product definitely meets my expectations. These are excellent. Ewelina Pieszak – Antonia 11 Months

Product Tested ByClaire Michelson – Isabel 20 Months

Claire Awarded TheDribble Stop Tops 4.4/5

Good quality product looks and feels beautiful. Good idea to have extra protection from dribbles. Sizing very small, just fits my 20 month old despite being for 18-24 months old. My daughter is not a large size as most of the clothing she wears is size 12-18 months. Width of body not too bad but length of top is very short, when the press studs are fastened at the bottom of the top it is very tight and pulls from the neck line. Excellent quality of fabric, feels thick and of good quality, feels super soft, fabric looks quality. Fabric very practical, washes very well. Gives good coverage, generous bib area. Good absorbency and is more absorbent than other bodysuits, keeps wetness off child’s chest. Left child’s chest dry. About right for quality of product but only 2 per pack does not meet my needs as I use 1 top every day so need 4 or 5 in a pack. Washes very well and remains soft. These are good value for money as effective. I would recommend as good quality product and integrated bib excellent idea for young babies who are teething. Excellent product, so easy to use. Sadly the small sizing has been a disappointment and the age my daughter is means she is not dribbling as much as she did when she was young. This product would have been so useful to me when my daughter was younger. Claire Michelson – Isabel 20 Months

Product Tested ByAngelica Jameson – Tommy 11 Months

Angelica Awarded The Dribble Stop Tops 4.8/5

Looked well-made and good quality when arrived. Fabric is high quality and size was a perfect fit for my Tommy. Really good fit and certainly gave good coverage. Was comfortable for Tommy to wear and kept him dry. Pack size could be bigger as you can never have too many as always using them daily. However, the quality and effectiveness of these are really good and do represent good value. Easy to launder and com out looking like new every time. Would like to see some more colours and designs available. I would purchase more. These are a ‘must have’ for any drooling baby. Easy to put on and work really well. Angelica Jameson – Tommy 11 Months

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