Babies’r’us now stock Dribble Stop Tops


Babies’r’us now stock Dribble Stop Tops – Yay!

Here in the Dribble Stop Top Office we are a tad excited to let you all know that Babies’r’us now stock our Dribble Stop Tops on their website.


2 Very Happy Mums!

This is a huge step for us and it means that more and more Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles will now discover that Dribble Stop Tops actually exist and that there is an alternative to bibs out there.


All three colours ways, blue, pink and white in sizes 0-3m up to 18-24m are now available on the Babies’r’us website for delivery in the United Kingdom.

Our Dribble Stop Tops have gone from strength to strength and have won multiple awards over the last few years.  We have had brilliant review, after brilliant review with comments such as :


bru blueThe Dribble Stop Top takes a completely new approach to preventing the constant deluge of dribble from irritating baby skin by building protection into the lining of a seemingly normal baby vest. The vest itself is extremely well made and I don’t say that lightly…

…most importantly, in addition to being well made and comfortable, the Dribble Stop Top did the job it was made for.  After an entire day of wearing the top Baby’s chest was entirely dry, despite her usual non-stop drooling and quite a sizable amount of time spent doing very wet, dribbly razzes.” – The Grumpy Mum Blogger

Starley staying dry in her Dribble Stop Top

We use a lot of bibs too but I don’t like using bibs when my baby might fall asleep as it’s not safe to leave bibs on then. Dribble Stop Tops are completely safe as there’s nothing around the neck, just a hidden layer under the chest part of the top.

For us parents, these tops mean less clothing changes (a lighter changing bag and a smaller laundry pile) and potentially better sleep if your baby tends to drool at night too and wake up from a wet or cold chest.

The best way to avoid dribble rash is to keep your baby’s skin dry and these tops really help do just that. It’s very satisfying to feel that my baby’s chest is nice and dry even when she’s drooled lots on her top — the hidden layer works really well!” A Mum Reviews Blogger


We also want to say a big thank you to the team at Bebelephantbebelephantlogowithstrap-300x101, our brilliant distributors, who have tirelessly helped us over the last few years and managed to get our tops stocked in Babies’r’us   😀


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