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Having a culpa and a natter around the kitchen table.

Having a cuppa and a natter around the kitchen table.


were having a cup of tea around the kitchen table, chatting about the difficulties of living with our dribbly babies…

…the constant battle to keep their chests dry and the guilt we felt if the delicate skin on their chests became sore and irritated. How going out anywhere seemed more like a military operation, making sure that there were enough bodysuits and bibs in the bag for those extra changes. How it was such a shame to cover up their cute clothes with those horrible bibs (and that’s if they kept them on, as most of the time they just tugged them off anyway!)


Something to keep baby’s chest dry and healthy without the need to change vests and bibs all day long, something to help reduce those ridiculous washing loads and something that the little ones could not just simply pull off! But, after much research, sadly nothing was found.


The mission to create a product that would alleviate these problems, a product kind to mums and safe for the little ones. And finally through sheer determination (many more cups of coffee) and with the help of an old singer sewing machine, our first top was made and to our joy, it worked!


And the more people we spoke to about our idea the more we realised that there were so many mums experiencing the same problems as us. Friends asked if we could make tops for their little ones and they all loved them too!

Holding our Gold LBP Award - Most Time Saving Product *very proud

Holding our Gold LBP Award – Most Time Saving Product *very proud


After many months of numerous trials and tests to make sure that our design was perfect, laughter, late nights and sometimes wanting to pull our hair out, we are so proud to introduce to you the Dribble Stop Top

Unique and innovative to the baby market, our product aims to make the life of today’s mum that little bit easier.

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“We care because we’ve been there” – With love from 2 Mums Ltd x x
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