6 tips to make baby meal times less of a stress for mums

How to make baby meal times easier?


Here at 2 mums ltd we love to find anything that can help make mum’s busy life just that little bit easier – it’s one of the reason’s we are so passionate about our Dribble Stop Tops.

We have 6 little boys between us, so we know how darn hard it can be bringing up children. One of the daily battlefields in our house used to be mealtimes – sometimes it was more like feeding time at the zoo (and still can be on certain days!) So we wanted to take a look at what’s out there that can help make mealtimes …just that little bit easier 😀



Feeding can be messy – there’s no doubt about it and I think it’s just best to accept this fact, rather than stressing about keeping everyone and everything clean throughout the mission. Of course we are all up for minimizing the fallout, which is where bibs come in very handy.

Bibs at mealtimes are essential and we especially love the easy wipe-clean kinda bibs that have a handy ‘catcher’ at the bottom to catch the food that misses the mouth and would otherwise fall into the creases of the highchair (but more about that in a moment). These are great as the fallen food is easy for baby to pick out of the catcher and munch on – great for helping with hand-eye co-ordination too! And if you want maximum protection for your little one, how about bibs with sleeves?


Here are our top picks…


Plates and Dishes

Stick down, stick down, stick down all the way. Try to find a plate or dish with suction on the bottom that makes it stick to the tray of the highchair. I can’t remember the number of times my little ones decided to either:


Vital Baby suction bowl

  1. pick the plate up, tip the food off and thus proceed to do hand painting with it all over their highchair
  2. pick the plate up to their face and try to tip the food into their mouths – which inevitably leads to the food that you just spent an hour steaming, pureeing etc, being tipped all down baby, (remember my point about bibs with catchers!) into the highchair and over the floor!
  3. pick up the plate and throw it when they don’t approve of the sweet potato and mashed pear medley put in front of them!

Although stick down can’t guarantee food staying in the right vicinity – it can definitely help.



Tricky this one! When is the right time to introduce cutlery? Let’s face it, it’s hard for little one’s to sometimes get food into their mouths using their hands, let alone cutlery. But there is a new Award winning cutlery range on the market now called CleverstiX .

Cleverstix is a unique concept – their training cutlery is ergonomically designed to engage fussy eaters with their food, make meal times easier for parents and intensely develop fine motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination.


The toy-like CleverstiX utilises children’s natural instinct for having fun and for finger-eating by acting as an extension of the hand. The CleverstiX ‘No Spring Back’ design demands distraction free focus on their meal while quickly evolving precision and dexterity – great for handwriting and later subsequent use of other cutlery such as a knife & fork.

Clever Fork and Spoon set

Clever Fork and Spoon set

The Clever Fork & Spoon Set also solves a common issue – the frustrating, messy challenge of kids attempting to eat noodles or spaghetti – thanks to the Anti-Slip Safety Prongs and the Streamlined Silicone Grips. Find out more at www.cleverstix.com


Another nightmare at mealtimes is the dreaded stinky milk residues left in the bottom of their bottles. Try as you might bottle cleaning brushes alone do not always get rid of them and woe betide that dreaded bottle that you put down behind the leg of your rocking chair as you put baby to bed and then forgot about it… for 2 days! Stinky, heaving, congiled 2 day old milk dregs – YUCK!

nimble babies

Award winning Nimble Babies Milk Buster

But there is a new product on the market that has had raving reviews and actually won Loved By Parent’s Gold Award for ‘Most Time Saving Product’ this year. Nimble Babies Milk Buster is a new ‘baby bottle-cleaning product, which has been developed using the safest cleaning ingredients derived from sugar, amino acids, and coconuts to remove milk residues from plastic bottles.

Not only does Nimble Babies Milk Buster prevent the build up of milk residue, which over time can create unpleasant odours and become a breeding ground for bacteria to grow.   But, it also works to revive your cloudy, smelly bottles back to life – making them look and smell like new!


Nimble Milk Buster is so easy to use, with its specially designed spray pump action it’s even easier to target the inside of baby bottles – making cleaning quick and easy.

What’s more, Nimble Babies Milk Buster is great at removing milk and grease films from anything plastic, such as children’s cups & bowls, smoothie makers or blenders and lunch boxes – and anything else you can think of!

You can buy Nimble Babies Milk Buster from JoJo Maman Bebe, Amazon, Kiddicare & Halfords.

Or check it out online at www.nimblebabies.com

It’s a winner all round.

Splash Mats

aqua geo under highchair-200x200Simple but essential. You can buy ‘splash mats’ in baby stores that are specifically made for baby meal times or just go to a department store and buy a couple of metres of plastic coated wipe down material to put on the floor under the highchair/table at mealtimes. This can then just be gathered up and all the food on it can be easily tipped into the bin. The material can be wiped down or on bad days, popped into the wash, ready for next time. So much easier than having to get down on your hands and knees and clean the floor after each meal.



Boy oh boy, just like buggies now, there are so many different ones to choose from. Some look more like little egg shaped moon buggies than high chairs.

My advice is keep it simple. The more fancy gadgets and nooks and crannies that you have, mean more places for that sneaky dropped food to hide and fester in, until you use a knife/corkscrew/toothbrush to scrape, scrub and dig it out with.

Also, if you want covers on your high chair, make sure that they are easily removable for washing. There is nothing like wanting to pop the high chair covers in the wash only to discover that you need a degree in engineering to get the blasted things off.
images-20 0468606_PE611585_S3
The best high chair I found was also the cheapest – Ikea ANTILOP

Ikea ANTILOP – they also do an easily removable cushion/padding now



And last of all – ENJOY IT! Smile, laugh and take photo’s of all those spaghetti stained faces to look back at in years to come and make meal times happy times.


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