Why Dribble Stop Tops?

Teething, dummy sucking, tongue tied, there are many reasons why babies dribble but, whatever the reason, dribbling can be a real pain!

But if dribble bibs aren’t for you, or maybe you need that added protection for extreme dribblers, then look no further than the Dribble Stop Top.

Simply replace your baby’s usual vest with one of our ingenious tops and not only will you help prevent dribble rash and soreness but you will also reduce the need to constantly change your dribbly teether into dry clothes.

The Dribble zone (otherwise known as the chest area) has a very clever internal pocket made of breathable waterproof material to stop the cold and wet reaching your baby's soft skin and the extra high neckline ensures maximum coverage is achieved.

And as the only material in contact with baby’s skin is the cotton jersey, your little one will stay comfortable, cosy and dry for much longer and you will have a much smaller wash load at the end of the week – it’s a winner all round.
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